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L.A. cigar roller events work best with venues that have a generous outdoor area. Guests can enjoy the fun and excitement indoors and those who want to light up can step outside effortlessly, you can contact us if you would like recommendations for these types of venues as well as cigar friendly venues.

We know all of the cigar friendly restaurants in hotels throughout L.A. as this list has been built and continues to be revised now for 15 years since we started the whole cigar catering trademarked service.

Each cigar roller looks great and are contracted exclusively with CF Dominicana cigars for they are look, presentation, ability to interact with guests, excellent social demeanor, decorum and a person that you would like to have around friends family and coworkers while also knowing the unique craft of how to roll a cigar. This exclusivity ensures that the brand, the cigar roller, and you are reflected in the most positive light which is that experienced by guess and creates the ultimate impression making you applauded months after the event night.

L.A. cigar roller events are typically planned by event planners however, CF Dominicana does have a preference towards MPI and isis affiliated professionals. These puppeteer event planners know that a cigar roller also brings cigars which requires a license to broker in LA. Event planners broker in tobacco without a state permit from the boa are trans acting unlawfully. Noel a event involving tobacco of any kind should be provided by an unlicensed entity and the professional event planners adhere to this law. CF Dominicana is a licensed retailer and has been since the inception of cigar catering back in 2004 in L.A. and every other City where is cigar roller is provided.

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Cigar Roller feature for L.A. events
if your event is in L.A. or the L.A. area simply contact us and we will give you the best suggestions to incorporate a cigar roller into your event and possibly add some other features fly custom cigar labels designed specifically for your event to express anything you'd like from corporate logos to personal parties to golf outings each L.A. event each Palm springs event each Santa Monica event, etc all enjoy the careful planning and detail that went into this feature which will make your night more successful and impressionable then you ever imagined.

We look forward to hearing from you.
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